How to write a official letter in english

How to write a official letter in english ? Write a letter in English for Italians requires high capacity for synthesis on the one hand and forfeiture of all
Write a letter in English for Italians requires high capacity for synthesis on the one hand and the waiver of a number of turns of speech, gerunds, past conditional, long sentences, passive sentences, and especially imbued with the "jargon" from which, admittedly, we are all conditioned by culture.
While English does not exist and never existed. The sentences of a letter in English for the first strike because they are very short and almost always in an active mode and present.
Perhaps this is due to the fact that English has many words in Italian alone or you could never express not using at least three times!
Examples: for as long as = all the time ... which in respect of = in the sense and the effects of ..., g = depth to go far, go far, and many other examples of this type.
Is it true that there are some differences between written English that is used in Britain and what you use in the United States but these differences do not affect the use of certain terms than others, not simple style and short phrases that are common features.

Write a letter in English from a practical point of view pressuppone know at least the forms of operation, those of the common greetings and phrases such as:
Opening sentences:
Dear Sir (Madam) = Dear Sir or Madam;In response to your letter = In response to your letter of ..;Following our previous reference to = ..;We understand .. = There is ...;As for your request = As for your request for information;We regret to inform you = We are sorry to inform you that;Please let us know = Please let us know;= As soon as possible as quickly as possible;
Closing sentences:
Respectfully = You like our most cordial greetings;Your receipt will oblige = We would be grateful if you could acknowledge receipt ..;While waiting for an answer = Speed ​​Awaiting your reply by return ...;Sincerely (U.S.) = Regards;Your sincerity (GB) = Regards;We are, yours truly with treats = more distinct (formula not used).
Expressions and phrases used in written more (commercial):
Give notice of the shipment of goods = Give notice of the shipmentAttach the invoice and state dates well in advance of payment = Thanking include the invoice and specify the date and method of payment, thank you in advance.Specify the number, amount, type of the value sent = Enter the number, size and type of currency sent.
Expressions and phrases used more in writing not for commercial purposes
We look forward to = I look forward to ..;It would be nice .. It would be nice ... =;I am very happy to read you again = I am very pleased to receive your newsletter ...;I miss you I miss you =;You are always on my mind = You are always in my thoughts;What do you think of ... = What do you think of ...?Where are you from? = Where are you?Where do you live? = Where do you live?Do you live alone = living alone (a)?You are a pretty nice person = You sound like a very nice
Of course, this is not the most appropriate forum for a list of all possible situations and phrases at the bottom of this page, you can still find some useful addresses to help those in need (and want) to be able to write a letter in English and at least one level of education.
Write a letter in English is not so difficult task, if it is a bit chewed, believe me!
For better or for worse we are accustomed to the daily use of many words anglosassioni, both in the field of work in general PCs, entertainment and economics and finance.
Think how it would be much more difficult for an Englishman or an American to write a letter in Italian!
Consider also that to write a letter in English to a native speaker is different from writing a person belonging to another nationality.
For example, if you want to match a person intrattanere Danish and Latvian or Russian, Brazilian, etc.. you can afford to make mistakes much more: the important thing is to understand each other!

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